Chapter 18 is up.

And I hope it’s well received.

I spent some time this morning reviewing a half-baked movie-verse fic called Abduction. Another of the "Alan is kidnapped" genre that’s so prevalent in the category today. I have no idea why I did it; it’s not like the author is going to actually sit down and rethink her story. They never do. She’ll probably email me, be polite and say, "Well, you make some good points but the story’s already written and I’m not going to change it." And that will be that. End of story. Why do I even bother? I just need to keep going with The White Winds (chapter 4 is halfway finished, I think) and ignore the rest.

Poor Bendarr. His lady ran off without telling anyone yesterday. Headed home to CA after her father (of ill reknown) sent her a threatening email. At least she didn’t go back to her parents’ house. She’s living with friends until she can grow some backbone re: her father. It’s sad that a 43 year old woman can’t even leave her own house without her father’s permission.


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