Finally! The log jam is gone!

I have had a deuce of a time starting Masquerade chapter 19. I started with one bit, then another, but finally changed the setting of the second bit, and that made all the difference. Now things are moving.  I hope I can keep up the momentum.
The White Winds chapter 5 has had a good start, and I’ve got a nice twist planned. I’ve also done several posts for the new Yahoo incarnation of the Thunderbar, and for IR:TNP. I’ve just got to buckle down at Thunderfan.
It’s raining cats and dogs here and my neuropathy is flaring up. My toe isn’t feeling too good either. I’ll see the doctor tomorrow afternoon; I got one of my friends to take me there. Tried to get a nap, but my feet wouldn’t let me.
Nice to see that they’ve upgraded the message box to enable different fonts and sizes. And have made the message box in this particular theme black. It will make seeing my stuff easier to see once I’ve added color.

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