The callous on my right foot, the one that has been forming since that blood blister back in March, the one that the vascular surgeon has been debriding in hopes of getting it to heal, now has blood behind it again. I noticed a change in color as early as last Friday, but today I noticed that it was beginning to bulge, forming another stinking blood blister. I’m keeping my foot elevated as much as I can and I’ll call the vascular surgeon in the morning. And I’ll probably have to see the prosthetics people as well.
I hate this! I can’t do anything! Can’t drive, can’t walk. I may have to start using those motorized carts when I go shopping. I don’t want to give up my independence! I will not be like D.D., who started riding around in a cart just months after her diagnosis of neuropathy. She can’t even get up to walk across the room without pain and lots of heavy breathing since she’s so inactive. I want this thing to heal up and go away!
Enough belly aching. We’re going to bro’s house in a couple of hours to celebrate the Fourth. More later.

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