Masquerade 21 is up!

It seemed to take forever, this chapter. But finally it’s up. Not action packed, but lots of little details filled in. My goal is to get poor Peter buried next chapter.
I’ve been asked when the next chapter of The White Winds was coming. It’s coming soon. I just have to get a good rescue going here. And then think of one for Masquerade because there has to be one soon. My brain has got to get moving on them both.

One thought on “Masquerade 21 is up!

  1. Hey, I\’m not so much worried about getting poor Pete planted as I am Virgil coming to his senses and stopping his Idiot Child act!!Thanks for the birthday greetings on my Blog site. I finally got around to updating and saw it.Gave me a grin, and as you can tell from my latest entry, I needed one, not that the day wasn\’t in it\’s own way, one big grin……the kind of grin you smile to keep from bursting into tears…BTW…..She\’s on her knees in front of the comp……please……slap Virgil up beside the head and have him come to his senses……..I\’ve had a baaaaaddddd day………I need a break……

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