Masquerade 22 is up!

Still haven’t buried poor Peter, though. And I’ve already written more words for this fic than for any other! Need to get started on chapter 23, where we WILL bury poor Peter Riordan, and maybe even have a rescue. Also need to get moving on The White Winds chapter 7, which has had a great start. More research is needed on cross-country running. Sigh.
Started the new chapter at IR:TNP. Got to give Janet a push on it before Jilly decides she’s going to post.

One thought on “Masquerade 22 is up!

  1. Hey, Di, there\’s a word for those symptoms happening in women our ages……Its\’s called PERIMENOPAUSE….and sorry to tell you this but you ain\’t seen nothin yet…so brace yourself for the ride of your life….it\’s called the Change of Life….and only us middle aged ladies get to board and ride this rollercoaster!

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