Eighteen years and counting.

Yep, anniversary day! Commemorating the day the hubby and I bound our lives together. I expect him home in about 20 minutes, then we’re going out for dinner, leaving the boys in the hands of their sister… and cousin. The Niece is here for the next couple of days. She woke me up this morning with her loud voice… I could have slept some more, y’know. Had a little convo with my bro; they are down to no cats and two dogs and dog #1 went to be spayed today.
Finished chapter 25 of Masquerade, and have made a list of things coming up in chapters 26/27/28. I’ve been asked if there were any new stories in the pipeline. Had to answer, not really. I do need to write another chapter for The White Winds, but the momentum on Masquerade is really going now and I’d like to finish it if I can.
Well, another 10 minutes gone. Back later as the muse moves.

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