Chapter 35 is ready…

but I’m not putting it up until I get some reviews on Chapter 34! I’ve been putting these things up so quickly and it’s time to slow down just a bit. I won’t have a lot of time tomorrow for Chapter 36 with IR:TNP brainstorming and all, but I’ll do what I can. There may be an extra chapter in here somewhere. It depends on how much material I have left.
The AC keeps spitting water out at me. Makes me think it’s raining indoors.
Talked to my folks today. Told Dad about the diabetic advances. Talked to Rick’s new wife, Alison, yesterday for the first time. She seems real sweet. I was really happy that he remarried. He needed a new helpmeet and a mother for those kids. Looks like my  ILs are going to move back to MI eventually. They bought a mobile home near Rick and Bernie. My FIL has glaucoma in one eye and my MIL realizes that she’ll be doing a lot more driving. She’s not fond of driving in traffic, and we live in a city with traffic, so that really was a factor in their decision. (Plus my FIL wants to be there and not here, where his DIL stands up to him.)
More as my muse moves.

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