Overtures started today.

Chapter 9 of The White Winds went up today as did the prologue of Overtures. I’ve taken an actual break today from writing, mostly because of the Girl going back to school for her Freshman orientation. Now I’ve got to segue into a new schedule so I can get some writing done as well as housework and picking up of various people.
The Hubby says he needs to take the bus in the mornings. After seeing the current price per gallon of gasoline, I have to agree. The bus is a whole lot cheaper! I got things for the kids to take for lunches next week; probably have to get more lunch meats and some actual grape and strawberry jams, both of which we’ve been without for days now.
We’ll see what happens tomorrow with reviews and all since a couple of my usual reviewers will be off of work.
Time for bed. More tomorrow.

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