I have a second blog.

I’ve created a second blog, under my Tiquatoo address, that I’m dedicating to helping people write better. I’ve linked it to this one in my favorite links list; it’s at the bottom. The site is pared down to the essentials, really, with a list of writer’s resources, common fan fiction terms, and the blog, where I hope to discuss writing and bring out some of the basics at first. This site is linked as well so that if people want to know more about me personally, they can.
Midterm progress reports come home today, as do the PACT test results from the older two kids. I’ll see Boy #2’s PACT scores when I finally see his teacher for conferences. I found out on Tuesday that he and one other boy (with the same name as his, but in 3rd grade) are the only two from their whole school who are taking challenge this year. It makes me proud, and sad at the same time. Proud that he is smart enough to need the challenge, and sad that there are so few exceptional students there. I’m sure there have to be others; perhaps they didn’t test well on the challenge placement test. I don’t know.
The Girl has joined the "Graphic Novel Club" at school. It was formerly known as the "Anime Club". She seems to be happy about it. Hubby is going to the union meeting for the first time tonight. There are route inspections coming up in early October, and he is very, very nervous about them. I guess the meeting tonight will be an informational one covering the route inspections.
I have to make some time and make myself do some writing. I’ve been avoiding my two stories for the past few days and I’m not sure why. Hobbeth did a copy/paste on TracyLOVER’s letter to her… it was as nasty as the one I got. I did find it interesting that TL’s own brother got online and "reviewed" her fic; now she knows what a flame really is.
Enough for now. More as the muse moves.

One thought on “I have a second blog.

  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by my site. And thank you for the referral to the flylady.net. I will definitely have to check it out in more depth.I was confused for a second until I read your entry that you have two sites. I thought this one looked different, haha.Ok, as for linking lists how I have my lists. It\’s actually rather simple but I\’m horrible at explaining, so I will try and do my best.First, create a blog entry. Put in the entry anything you want to be on the list. Then, after it\’s been saved, click on "Preview my space". At the bottom of the entry, you have the choices for comments, permalink, etc. Click on "Permalink". Highlight and copy the link that the Permalink provides. Click on "Edit my space". Now click on lists at the top row. In the lists section, under list tasks, choose "create a list". (It\’s the only option under tasks.) It will ask you to name your list.After naming the list (ie: "Top Ten"), you will want to click on "add item". It gives you three seperate lines–"Item" "URL" "Description". Write whatever you want o in the item (usually I put what the list is about ie: "Top ten lists, in no particular order"). And then in the URL space, paste the permalink that you had copied. If you choose to put a description in to describe the list further, you may but it isn\’t required.From there, you have created a linkable list. I hope that helped! Let me know if you\’re able to figure it out through my long winded directions!

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