I hate it when my muse goes wandering off….

I’ve got two small portions of Overtures 7 in the can. That’s it.
I haven’t felt this dry on a story in a long time. I have other scenes in mind for later, and I probably should write them out. I’ve been betaing some things, and need to do some others. I’m going nuts at IR:TNP with one of the writers.
I need to get things going with this fic so I can  get back to The White Winds, too.
I’m thinking of pulling my Bekkah fics off… if any of my writing friends see this, I’d like your opinion on it. I’ve gotten much better, and I’ve found another possible venue for her… in the movie verse. Or I could rework her and make her less of a Mary Sue (though she’s better than roughly 60% of other OCs that fall into the MS category–if she is one at all, and that’s still debatable).
And of course there’s housework and homework and I’ve come down with a cold… or my allergies are flaring up. I need to make appts. with the eye doctor for myself and the Girl, who is complaining about not being able to see the overheads.
Sigh again.
More later.

One thought on “I hate it when my muse goes wandering off….

  1. I\’ve never thought of Bekkah as a Mary Sue. And those stories are what got me hooked on your writings. So I hope that you either leave them, so people can read them and see how much you\’ve improved, or at least let me download them to my files, so I can go back and read them from time to time.Bekkah interacted with the Tracys and other canon characters. She wasn\’t a Helpless Hannah, nor did she become the centerpiece of the story, driving the others into the background, like so many MS stories do. She interacted with them, helping and being helped by them. In fact, I was waiting for another story about her – and her wedding. But you\’ve moved on, and I\’ve moved on with you.

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