Son #1 is now a published poet!

We just received our copies of The Teacher’s Selection Anthology of Poetry. This particular book focuses on fifth graders’ poetry and our volume contains poetry from across the southeast, from Maryland to Alabama.
Son #1’s poem is the only one from his school, and only one of two from Greenville. I know there were other poems nominated, but there were probably parents who didn’t return the permission slip to the publisher. We did, and ordered two copies of the book, one for us, and one for my FIL, who self-publishes a little poetry magazine of his own.
It’s quite a nice little poem (though I’ll admit I’m biased), and I have his permission to publish it here in my blog.
Cowboy’s Day
Sleeping on the prairie blue,
Stars as drops of silver dew,
And everything’s a grayish hue,
It’s dawn.
Suddenly a ray of golden sun,
Makes the stars and sky as one,
And shines off your trusted gun,
It’s morning.
Now the sun is blazing down,
As you drive the cattle into town,
And on their heads are horns as giant crowns,
It’s daytime.
Your energy now is spent,
You’re in a room you bought for rent,
And you haven’t even got a cent,
It’s finally night.
– R.H.B., 2005-
To say we’re proud and pleased would be an understatement.

2 thoughts on “Son #1 is now a published poet!

  1. I can understand why you are proud fit to burst. I have some friends who are filming a zero budget western in the area. I\’m going to have to let them read this. Give your son my congrats. He deserves them!

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