The Valentine story is up

It’s entitled We’ll Always Have Paris, and I’ve added it to my story listings here. Quiller put hers up this afternoon and I thought I’d follow suit. I hope it’s well received. We’ll see.
Not much more to tell. The family has gone to the Grand Prix at church; the boys barely got their cars done with lots of help from their Dad and sister. Boy #1’s has a chance at a design prize, he made a snake. Boy #2’s? Well, if it wins at speed, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.
There’s a winter storm warning out for tonight, starting after midnight. The temperature has dropped quite a bit; I’m wearing my sweater over a long, sleeved shirt. If it really does get nasty, I bet that basketball will be called off for tomorrow.
Got to get back to The White Winds. I know where I want to go at the end of this chapter, but I’m not quite sure how to get there. And I have to come up with another rescue, as well.
My computer’s DVD and CD player isn’t working as smoothly as I’d like. The music I downloaded from a CD that Hubby burned for me was really distorted and I don’t know why. It’s better now, but still not best. Of course, anything I play from the actual computer is fine; that’s how I know it’s a hardware, not a software issue. I’ll probably go back to customer service and try to get some answers out of them.
More later as the muse moves.

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