Found a new fic archive

Found a new place to host my fics. It’s called FicWad. I had heard of it a few weeks ago, and had pestered the admins to put up Thunderbirds categories in both TV and movies. They finally did the other day, and boy! There was an onslaught of fics! Hobbeth, andrewjameswilliams, chibimax and I all put stuff up within a 48 hour period. There are now 25 fics in the TV section and three or four in the Movie! I bet that the FicWad admins probably never have seen such a quick uptake on fics. The reason was: I pimped their site in several different venues, including IR Central, IR:TNP, and Daria’s TBAG group. I’ve added a link to their index here.
The forum at is getting interesting. There are several discussions and a game that produce some kind of response every day, sometimes more than once a day. I got an interesting email from one of the writers at, asking how to get out the word for people to stop being blunt when they review. I hope I was helpful in what I had to say. I did tell her to bring it up in the forums; if she doesn’t, then I probably will.
All this, and I haven’t written a thing for either of my stories…. grrr.

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