Woo Hoo!! The day looks brighter!

The plumbers are gone!!
They left behind them a fixed bathtub, and water turned back on in the house! Our water bill should drop without that annoying drip, and the faucet should fit again, once Hubby puts the wall back together. The dishwasher is running, then the washing machine will be, then just about everyone will have a nice, hot shower! Woo Hoo!
And…. ff.net is working again. Don’t know why it was offlline before, but I was able to upload The White Winds chapter at last.
Amanda has been approved for play at IR:TNP. I’m really looking forward to the new character she’s bringing along. The rescue is just about finished; a little bit more detail and we’re done and on with the rest of the story. This has been the most boring rescue ever, and I’ve written the lion’s share of it. I have to poke a couple of people to get them moving again…
But life is brighter. You never realize how much you miss the water until it’s turned off!

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