Wow! So soon!

I went to add We’ll Always Have Paris to my account at Lunaescence and what did I find? I’m already on "validated" status! That means my stories automatically go up, and don’t have to be reviewed by the mods! Wow! I’m excited! It’s especially exciting considering that they only had A Possum Tale, and two chapters of Burning Muses to go by before they made the decision!
This doesn’t mean that I can drop my guard and post tacky stuff. I want to be worthy of the trust they’ve put in me. But it’s a great feeling to know that someone out there, someone objective, acknowledges that you’re a good writer. still is timing out my uploads. I’ve got a support ticket in (I’m not the only one) and hopefully they’ll fix the problem soon. I posted at CTS, mentioning that the latest chapter of The White Winds is on FicWad. I might even post it to my lj, at least until the mess at is fixed. I’ll think about it, anyway.
Still, I am really happy about the validation at Lunaescence. Need to add it to my favorites here so people can see what’s going on!

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