Awards! Awards!

Got the lunaescence newsletter for May today, and lo, and behold! I’m the author spotlight for the month! This is what they had to say!

Author Spotlight:
Tikatu. A mother of three juggling the demands of family and life, Tikatu is an accomplished fan fiction author. She primarily writes fanfiction for Thunderbirds, though she has other excellent works too. Her stories are definately worth a read!

Isn’t that cool! I’ve only been on the site for two months and it seems I’ve made a good impression! I feel very flattered and excited about this honor! Woo Hoo!

The Girl got an award at school today for haivng been one of six students in her school who has read all the YABA books. (YABA means Young Adult Book Awards, or something like that.) There were 20 books in all and she was the first in the school to have finished them. I was supposed to be invited to the awards ceremony but someone forgot to give it to me… I haven’t seen the award either.


More later as the muse moves


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