Another chapter up

Well, there’s another chapter of Overtures posted. It’s my longest one yet; over 8600 words. Very difficult to write and to get right. But I think I did. Now back to The White Winds. I have probaby half of the next chapter of that written. I just have to finish it.

I’ve posted Serendipity at FicWad, and Masquerade now has just over 8000 hits. The White Winds is nearing 23,000, which astonishes me.

There’s plenty of activity at IR:TNP, but CIR had to move boards again. It’s okay; I"m almost finished writing Luci out of that story. For some reason, Thunderfan is still active; last I knew it was supposed to shut down at the beginning of June. At least we can finish the story there, too. I’ll adjust the URLs when I have a chance. I should do that for CIR at my two sites if nothing else.

Not a whole lot else to say. The kids finish school this week, and I can hardly wait!

More later as the muse moves.


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