Report cards have arrived!

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The mail brought all three report cards to our door today.

I was pleased with my kids overall. The Girl had reason to be unsure about her final exam in Geometry; she got a D, which I don’t think surprised her. It brought her semester grade down to a high C, but her final grade overall was a B, which we can most certainly live with. It also means she’ll be staying in the honors math next year. She got a 100 on her final English test, which did surprise her, and brought the second semester grade up from a B to an A. Overall, her final grade was B, which again, we can live with. Everything else was As, and I’m very, very pleased. She also got her tentative schedule for next year; she will have art!! We don’t expect any changes in it as she did pass her honors courses well.

Boy #1 had one B for his second semester; it was in Advanced Algebra. However, he ended up with an A as a final grade, and got all As in the fourth quarter. His final grades also included four 100s, which is very, very good.

Boy #2 had all As in those courses where number grades were given, but no 100s. In fact, he didn’t have a 100 all year! For the courses where he got S or E (satisfactory or excellent) he got three of the former and one of the latter. The teachers had nice things to say about him, too. Of course, both of the boys have been promoted to the next grade level for the new school year. Boy #1 will be in 7th, and Boy #2 in 5th.

We have a trip to Krispy Kreme and a lot of donuts in our future!!

I had to do a system restore last night in order to get my DVD player to work. It does… at the moment, and I watched Pit of Peril, grabbing screen caps wherever I could. Those are finally all cropped and photoshopped, so I’ll be uploading them to IR Central this evening. 

More if the muse moves.


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