Crossposted from my livejournal
I knew it was comimg, and this morning I saw it. Went to view my stats at ff.net and saw that I had 25,051 hits on The White Winds, with 251 reviews. It’s exciting, a bit puzzling, and all around heartening to see.  Now to get out the next chapter–I’ve been spending my writing time on my RPs and haven’t felt the need to write my actual stories.

Hubby didn’t come home until after 5:30 yesterday, but he had a good reason. He was working overtime on his day off, which means the 1.5 hours he worked over was all double time pay for him. A great thing in our minds; we could use the money right now. The kids haven’t driven me crazy… yet. I’ve got a lot of housework to do, and today I’ll see about catching up on some of it.

More later if the muse moves… and after breakfast.


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