Yes! It’s finally up!

The color version of The White Winds boys – by the Girl – is finally up! It took a while, especially the bricks, but I’m so glad she did it! Thanks, Sweetie!
Life has been quiet here at the moment. We had a nice 4th; went to Bro’s house and ate a good meal (good in all possible ways) then watched Batman Begins. A good movie, better than I thought it would be. My only major complaint, if it could be called that, is that Professor Crane/Scarecrow was too pretty. He needed to be older, scrawnier and geekier. But my favorite moments were Jim Gordon driving the ultra-cool Batmobile, and Lucius Fox taking control of the situation at the end. Absolutely FAB!
We’re winding down another chapter at IR:TNP, and I have a fresh chapter up of Overtures. Lots of writing to do and little gumption to do it in.
The Girl goes to her cousin’s next week and will be going on a tubing ride as well as the teen DVBS at their church. The boys have DVBS at the church that sponsors the weekly Bible club. And Hubby will be home for two weeks of vacation. So we two will have our evenings free…. at least for the first week.  I have insisted that Hubby finish the bathroom while he’s home. My parents will be down in August and I do not want my father to work on tiling! (Unless it’s the mud room, but that’s an entire other story.)
More later as the muse moves.

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