My world just shifted again…

Well, this was my parents’ last day in town. For a "family" visit, we sure didn’t see much of them. They did come over today to do their laundry, and took me out for lunch. Then they were here for dinner, and we played Uno Attack as a family. They’ll leave for New York State in the morning, taking their time going up to see some very old friends (as in friends from many years ago).
But that’s not quite what shifted my world.
I had my first visit with Dr. L., my new GP. He’s Hubby’s GP, and works at the same practice where Dr. E. used to work. Since this was my first visit to him, he needed to hit the ground running, and as a result, ordered a whole bunch of tests, including an EKG and an chest x-ray.
According to him, all the tests that were done and processed in house came back "normal", including my Hemoglobin A1C, which is why I went primarily to see him. The only exception was my EKG, which he wasn’t pleased with, so he’s ordered a stress test, which I’ll have next month. He’s also given me a steroid nasal spray to help with this annoying congestion that I’ve had from the dust in the house.
But even that wasn’t what shifted my world.
After talking to me, and asking me some questions (the key of which I had no positive answer to) he declared I wasn’t diabetic! Instead he’s labeled me as hyperglycemic. I’m not sure what this means; I’ll have to do some Google-fu to track it all down and understand it all. I do understand that the low carb, lower fat diet I’ve been following is still good for me, as is the walking (preparation for the stress test?). But I don’t have to check my blood glucose twice a day, as I have been doing. And I definitely need a new plate for my medic alert ID. Wait until I go back to my neurologist with this one!
Almost got in trouble with Boy #2’s school today because I saw weather moving in and called to let them know I’d be picking him up in the van. The secretary who answered the phone told me I needed to put it in writing, and also said that there weren’t any thunderstorms forecast for today. I told her to look out the front doors of the school and see what I meant. And by the time I picked him up, it was raining cats and dogs with plenty of lightning and thunder in the bargain. I think I’ll have to have a permanent note put in his file that states I’ll be picking him up in the car if the weather is bad.
Also, on a totally unrelated note, I saw the marionette bit from Stargate SG-1’s 200th episode. It was pretty funny! I think that the marionettes had far more expressive faces than those of Thunderbirds, though the proportion looked about the same and the movements were rather choppy (except for the Samantha character’s sharp salute–that was cool!).
More on later, perhaps, if my muse so moves.

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