Drabbles and more

Crossposted from livejournal’s entry of Monday. I dearly wish that MSN would allow for backdating the way live journal does.
I’m up to 20 drabbles at 30_beverages with ten more to go. I’ve started posting them at lunaescence, one per day, and I’ll post them at ff.net like that when they’re all done.

My feet are hurting today, and were hurting yesterday and a bit the day before. My blood sugar must be way up – and I’m not really surprised. The Girl made brownies last Thursday, two batches, and forgot to take the one batch to school. So we have plenty to eat, and brownies are a particularly bad downfall of mine. I’m hoping to get back on the diet and get the blood glucose back down and banish this pain. It’s been a long time since I’ve done the neuropathy dance. 

We’re nearly through the TB7 and space rescues at IR:TNP, and had a really fun brainstorming session yesterday. I think it was partly due to the lack of the "problem player". My mods and I are planning on having a talk with her sometime this week. She’s inhibiting the other players, and I can’t let that go on. On a more positive note, the slacker player is working on some posts as per our requirements. The other slacker is back online and has sent one of her short posts. 

Heroes is on tonight, but if MG shows, I’ll chat with her and catch up with the show on the videotape. The Girl has insisted on taping it so she can watch it since it comes on after her bedtime.

Started chapter 43 of The White Winds. It’s a tricky one; requiring some hard thinking on how to break a full nelson and how Alan’s going to get away in a dark forest. Still, this is one of the denouement chapters and very, very important. I wish this wasn’t coming so slowly; I still have Overtures to finish, and NaNoWriMo in November. And as tempted as I am to write a fanfiction during that time, I need to write original fiction.

I’m also trying out a new theme here. I did the same at live journal, and it’s time for a change here, too. Let me know if you like it.


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