Very Interesting!

Crossposted from my live journal.

Boy #2 came home with a new math textbook today. He showed it to his brother, who said, "That’s my Algebra 1 textbook. Big deal."

Only it’s not.

Boy #2’s teacher has decided that he needs the challenge that Algebra gives. Mind you, their sister didn’t take Algebra 1 until 8th grade (and it was Honors, too). She’s taking Algebra 2 Honors right now (and struggling with it, too). His older brother is taking the 8th grade course now, in 7th grade. And here comes little brother, a 5th grader, perhaps not taking the same course, but using the same book and learning some of the same principles–three years ahead of time!

Boy #1’s science teacher wants to come up with some sort of self-study program for him, possibly including a career shadowing with a nearby vet. He can see how bored my son is in science and wants to challenge him. I guess I should email the teacher and set up a conference or something about it. I’m really not surprised that my son is bored; he got the highest mark possible on the PACT (Palmetto Acheivement Something-beginning-with-C Test) in science, and tested advanced in everything but Language Arts (don’t ask me why).

The Girl is struggling with Algebra 2, as I said, but for the first time she’s enjoying school. She says she has a lot of "cool" teachers this year and enjoys classes… except maybe keyboarding, where she’s not with the Honors group. She likes the teacher and the course, but admits that the teacher doesn’t do very well in controlling the class. She takes the PSAT on Wednesday; it’s required for all 10th graders. Boy #1 could take that this year (though it would cost us $70); he’s been pointed out for a Duke University early talent program. I think we’ll wait until he can take it without cost to us. 

I know my kids are smart, but sometimes just how smart amazes me.


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