Awards, awards!

Tonight was the awards ceremony for Boy #2. Only the "big" awards were given out; smaller ones, like perfect attendance, will be given out next week (on the last day of school).

Let’s see what he came home with:

Trophy and certificate for Principal’s Honor Roll (All As, all year)

"Oscar" trophy and framed picture for his role in Annie, Jr. (He played Sandy and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I’ll post the Sandy picture; it’ll be great blackmail once he’s older!!)

Medallion, framed certificate and $15 gift card to Barnes and Noble for participating in "Battle of the Books" — the school’s first team; they made it to the second round and were eliminated by one point in overtime.

Ribbon and Certificates from Northwest Council PTA – he took second place for Musical Composition in their "Reflections" competition.

Certificate for 3rd place in the fifth grade spelling bee.

Certificate for "Excellence in Visual Arts"

Certificate for "The Superb Scientist Award"

Yeah, he made out like a bandit, and deserves every single one.

Unfortunately, I had to leave before it was over to pick up Boy #1, who was a juror in the only two cases that came before Lakeview’s Youth Court this school year. I think, though, that the only thing I missed was the science award.

Here he is as Sandy:


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