Hm, almost two months!

Been a while since I updated this. I’ve been working with my live journal more, partially because I have more friends there. But I stopped by here and realized that I hadn’t updated the artwork lately. The Girl did a piece for me for Mother’s Day/birthday, and did it not only in canon, but for IR:TNP, too. Very cool stuff!
I’ve been busy with IR:TNP (we had a server foul up that required a total rebuild of the forum), with FanLib as a forum mod, and now with FanHistory as an admin. That particular entity just moved to a dedicated server and it’s had trouble getting back online. I was able to get in and grab some materials that would have fallen through the cracks otherwise.
Unfortunately, all this busyness has made it hard for me to find time to write. I did finish The White Winds chapter 61 the other day, but I haven’t started 62. I really want to get this story finished and go on to other things (like Overtures). I wish I could get into the groove like I had with Masquerade, but that hasn’t been happening. I have decided that I’ve got to avoid the member created contests at FanLib if I want to get things done. Otherwise, I get sidetracked.
Well, enough for now. I’ll try using the Live Writer more so I can easily update both this and the lj at the same time.

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