Rewriting history

Have you ever had someone in your life who wants to rewrite their history? Instead of being seen as acting selfish, or vain, or jealous, or generally unhinged, they want you to edit things you have said to make them look good? To remove those times when they were selfish, or vain, or jealous, or whatever else they might have done?

I have.

Since 2006, someone has been so obsessed with the way they look to others that they’ve wanted me to erase or lock or ignore what they’ve said and did to me… mostly by harassing me into locking up journal entries that shone a less-than-perfect side to them. The main portion of the harassment happened in August 2008 (two full years after the event that made me vent so strongly about it), but just today I received two more emails about that whole subject. I really should have gone with what I’d said in my last missive to this woman back in 2008, and opened up all the posts to public scrutiny. Since she contacted me twice, even after I specifically told her not to, I will likely file a complaint with her ISP. She has written me emails using new addresses that I’ve had to block. She has been stalking my blogs and my personal sites, and the whole gist of it is, that though I forgave her of what she did long, long ago, she can’t let it go. She won’t let it go. She has to look perfect, and so she wants all that time, and everything she did and said swept under the rug and forgotten.

During the last bout of harassment, I really tried to be patient. I tried to explain my side of things. I did as much as I was going to… which fell short of actually deleting my vents and complaints about what happened. And when some of those vents and posts reappeared due to a migration from one service to another, that’s when she decided it was time to revisit the situation. So, since she couldn’t contact me using my new blog, she had to stalk my personal site and contact me from there. She knew that she couldn’t use my normal address as I had probably blocked all the addresses she had used before. In fact, I think she used one of her mother’s addresses to email me this time. Her second email (after I’d specifically told her not to respond) just showed me how much she just has to excuse her actions.

In that last email, she promised to stop. Somehow, I know that if I write anything at all about the situation again, I’ll be hearing from her… unless, that is, her ISP takes her internet privileges away.

This post is public, and will remain so, something I warned her I would do. I’m going to be selective about which comments will be kept… obviously anything by the person involved will be considered further harassment and will be forwarded to her ISP as more evidence. If you want more information on the whole mess, let me know.


2 thoughts on “Rewriting history

  1. She is an idiot. And that’s the nice word. Apparently this person has a very high opinion of herself if she’s so concerned about a website that was taken down over five years ago. Get over yourself!!! People likely don’t even remember it! She’s the one who keeps dredging up the past.

    As to her checking and pestering you through your websites, there’s a word for that. It’s called cyber-stalking. And there are legal ramifications for that. You asked her to stop contacting you and she refuses, using different emails to get around the blocked ones. Textbook stalking. I would log a complaint with her ISP provider and talk to local authorities. The penalties for cyber-stalking are swift and severe. At the very least she could find herself banned from the internet and fined. At worst, she could be looking at jail time. I hope she’s aware of this as she continues to pester you.

    I would otherwise ignore her unless she contacts you again. She is obviously self-centered and jealous of your sites and is choosing to act against you to make herself feel better. Wash your hands of this idiot. Don’t waste another moment of your time with her.

    • So far, so good. I haven’t heard from her today. She does have impeccable timing though; in 2008, I was on vacation, this time, I had family in from out of state. Makes me wonder just who is on my live journal f-list. There are a few names that I don’t know personally, but who could read my f-locked posts–and the posts in 2008 weren’t public.

      Hmm. Food for thought. (Or it might be my own slight paranoia rearing its ugly head.)

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