Changing horses mid-stream in NaNoWriMo

What started as an original super-powered rescue squad is now a Thunderbirds fanfiction including a super-powered rescue squad. I’m not giving the Tracy boys super powers; that’s been done, if not alwasys done well. The squad won’t be all girls as romantic foils to the boys; that’s also been done and not well. This will be a mixed gender squad positioning themselves as a rival to IR–with nefarious purposes lurking in the background.  Here’s hoping I can write the whole thing (or nearly so) in 50K!


The new chapter–and site–are up!

Well, work at my new site is far from finished, but I’ve decided to declare it open! My Tikatu’s Corner site, so long my personal archive, now has a redirect set up to take visitors to the new, build, As My Muse Moves. I think you’ll like it!

The new chapter for Burning Muses is up at the new site. It won’t appear at until later this week or early next week. I want to give my new site a jump start, so if you’re interested, you can find the chapter here. Feel free to poke around and give me some feedback.

In the coming days I’ll be setting up for this year’s NaNoWriMo and adding ready chapters to the new place. Those will be interesting to post as not everything is in HTML format … yet.

I’m writing!

Started a new chapter in Burning Muses, this time about the muse, Terpsichore.  It’s been percolating for a while but tonight I managed to get it together in a file. I’m sitting on it overnight before tweaking it and sending it off for beta.

Maybe this will jump start my writing again. I hope so; it’s been a long, dry patch with no real inspiration.

Just to let you know, this is now a mirror site to some degree. I’m moving my fanfiction and some original stories to a build. My coding, which consisted of tables within tables within tables, isn’t working as well, so I’m replacing it with this. I’ll be doing most of my blogging about writing over there. (Family stuff will move to my family blog on It’s my goal to make that my author’s platform. New chapters or stories will be posted there first, even before or AO3.

Here’s the site: As My Muse Moves. Come check it out!


My friend lillehafrue sent me an invite to An Archive of Our Own (aka AO3) and I accepted. (Thanks, lille!) Posted a couple of small one shots, neither of them in my primary fandom.

Since I’ve posted at eFiction sites, the interface wasn’t as daunting as it would be for those who haven’t and I have some knowledge of HTML coding, which helps. The “warnings” business was more than a little confusing. I ended up deleting my first one shot because I couldn’t figure out a way to edit the “Author chose not to use archive warnings” in favor of “No archive warnings apply” (because they didn’t). So it still has some bugs to be user-friendly. (For all it’s complexity, eFiction is easier.)

Some of the Thunderbirds writers I know are there. Most aren’t, the elites in particular. There are only a handful of Thunderbirds stories, which means that is still the biggest archive. If I use it for my Thunderbirds work, I’m going to take my time putting it all up. (Can’t import from anyway; has blocked that.) At least no one is going to be using my penname there.

About Jeff Tracy

When will Thunderbirds fanfic writers get the memo?

Jeff Tracy is not a coercive, moronic,  business and parental failure. In either universe. If he was, he would have neither the finances nor the trust of his sons, both of which he needed to start and maintain International Rescue.

This short rant brought to you by a review on, the letters TB, and the number 5.

That is all.

Well, I figured out what was wrong with the little ficlet…

I’ve been writing a ficlet for Thunderbirds based on the stories “Operation Crash Dive” and “The Impostors”. After watching “Crash Dive” I started to wonder: what if Captain Hansen thought International Rescue had really stolen those secret aircraft plans. He knows Scott’s name, first and last – a security issue that has really, really irked me, btw – and he has the names of Gordon, Alan, and Virgil, too. He could easily figure out the rest of the family because of Jeff’s notoriety, John’s writing career, and Gordon’s accident. Would he use this information to help the search for International Rescue or not?

So, that’s the plot of this little ficlet (which will become a chapter in my Missing Scenes Anthology, even though it’s not technically a missing scene). The problem was: I hated my first draft. I’ve been working this evening (Saturday into Sunday) on fixing it and I finally figured out what it really needed – Hansen’s voice. Everything I wrote was too formal for him. Yeah, he’s an airline pilot and all, but his whole demeanor is far less refined than the pilots I’ve seen. He doesn’t seem as polished.* So, I’m rewriting to bring the whole piece more into the vernacular and as I do, I like it more.

Still not at all comfortable with using a lot of vulgarity or profanity, so I’m not going to.  Hopefully I can get the idea across without having Hansen drop f-bombs in his thoughts. Now to see if ThatGirlSix can beta for me. If not, a quick once over by lillehafrue will suffice.

*Yes, I know they’re marionettes, but damn if those voice actors didn’t bring them to life!

Wow! It’s been too long!

Almost a year and a half since my last post here. That’s… not good.

Well, as one of my resolutions for 2013, I want to write a post for one or the other of my blogs every day. I wrote one after midnight on the first at my livejournal and this blog gets today’s post, I guess. The livejournal is usually more, uh, lively as I post about everything and anything there and this one is supposed to be more about my writing, which has been less than stellar recently.

I did do NaNoWriMo in 2011 and 2012, trying hard to actually finish something. My August stint in 2012’s Camp NaNoWriMo was a bomb — who knew my household was just that busy in August?! This year, however, the Camp sessions are in April (since the Office of Letters and Light have dropped Script Frenzy) and in July, IIRC. I think I should be able to make one of those sessions work, though I will try for both.

My 2012 NaNoNovel was pretty much dreck. I had taken the advice of my writing friends on lj and started something new. Within the same universe as Wight Knights but a prequel, if you will. It did have the saving grace of setting some things about my universe in stone but the characters were flat. I didn’t know them at all. I might revisit it later; I’m just not sure.

I did make a change in my writer’s tools, though. I’ve toyed with yWriter off and on and this year I used it pretty much exclusively. It fits the way I write, using scenes that you can actually move around within the chapters. It also gives room for notes and character descriptions. It might actually make a planner rather than a “pantser” out of me yet!

More to come later. There’s a little Thunderbirds fanfic I’ve started; it will probably end up as a new chapter in my “Missing Scenes Anthology” once I’ve watched an episode for clarification. My friend Lillihafrue is back to writing, too. She’s been bouncing ideas off of me to finish up one of her stories. Having a writing community, like what you get with NaNoWriMo, is such a help with motivation. Here’s hoping that 2013 will be better than 2012 for my writing goals!