More scintillating dinner conversation!

Part of last night’s conversation was in response to Boy #2’s suggestion that we watch The Scarlet Pimpernel (Anthony Andrews, Jane Seymour, and Ian McKellan, 1982). We finally bought a DVD version of this because our taped-from-my-parents’-TV VHS copy died. Hubby led off the discussion on “fictional gentlemen adventurers with secret identities”, with an eye to finding out if there was one older than Sir Percy Blakeney. I mean, the Baroness D’Orczy wrote The Scarlet Pimpernel back in 1903. There had to be somebody!

Well, we really couldn’t think of one! Zorro, whose pedigree is similar, wasn’t created until 1919 in “The Curse of Capistrano”. The Shadow, another “wealthy man about town” was 1930. Wikipedia suggests Sherlock Holmes to have or be a secret identity, but he was more a master of disguise – then again, so is Sir Percy! But, as Hubby put it, “he’s not going around under an assumed name in a more or less constant fashion”.

Tonight I brought up two old Disney favorites that I thought might be relevant. One was the Swamp Fox, who is a historical figure anyway and not at all fictional. The “old swamp fox” was a sobriquet the British gave him.

The other was the Scarecrow, or the Reverend Doctor Christopher Syn, who was a smuggler and pirate with a “secret identity” of a country vicar. Hubby brought out the fact that the man was not a hero, and a quick look at Wikipedia showed that his first appearance was 1915. Hubby mentioned a character in an operetta, that of an archeologist who had a secret identity of a freedom-fighter in Northern Africa. The operetta was The Desert Song, and was written in 1926. It was inspired both by tales of Lawrence of Arabia and a 1925 uprising in Morocco. The archeologist’s name was Pierre Birabeau and his heroic alter ego was The Red Shadow. (It had a really cool song: The Riffs.)

So, as far as I can tell, ol’ Percy is an original! Do any of my readers or friends have any candidates? (And don’t you just love our table talk?)


poke… poke… poke

My orginal fic – the one I did for NaNo last year – has been poking me. I have this wicked cool scene to write, and I got a cool idea that I have to retcon in some of the previous chapters. It turns out that this story is more about the whole group than it is about Elise, and Julianna is coming to the fore as a character – so much so, that I’m going to bring her back to life. Problem is, I think I have to restart the whole thing. The first 8 or so chapters are short stories, told by the characters and all filling in Elise’s background. Problem with it is that I’ll probably have to scrap most of it as it really doesn’t work in the novel. And, most importantly, I don’t know how to get this started so it grabs a person. I have to admit that the E Nomine that I’ve been reading lately has been really inspiring me. Die Prophezieung has some really pretty music, and speaks more to the women in the story than to the men. Finsternis speaks more to the men, and the magic. I can see Erasmus using the German in “Mitternacht” as a spell… a very powerful spell.

I’ll play around with it some today. Lou is poking me, too, though Rhea is staying rather quiet. Sigh.

Gotta write

The music list is really weird.

I’ve tried more than once to add a list from my newly upgraded Windows Media Player, and for some odd reason, it keeps adding in songs that aren’t on the list. I have no idea why it’s doing this, but it ends up taking the total songs over the 100 song limit (in actuality, the playlist is 95 songs long). I don’t know what the glitch is, but I sure would like to get rid of it.