Busy building

Yep. I am busy building a new website. My old archive is falling to bits, mostly because I have only a passing acquaintance with HTML and none whatsoever with CSS. It pains me, in a way, to do this.  I felt my original site had some rather interesting features; for example, quite a few people commented … Continue reading Busy building


About Jeff Tracy

When will Thunderbirds fanfic writers get the memo? Jeff Tracy is not a coercive, moronic,  business and parental failure. In either universe. If he was, he would have neither the finances nor the trust of his sons, both of which he needed to start and maintain International Rescue. This short rant brought to you by … Continue reading About Jeff Tracy

Resolutions–at last

I’ve taken my own sweet time trying to figure out some New Year’s resolutions for myself this year. I’ve a bad habit, as many people have, of making resolutions and promptly breaking them. But I think I have a couple this year that I can stick with. One, is to try and get back with … Continue reading Resolutions–at last

The World filter – someone doesn’t like it

Someone has left a couple of anonymous reviews on The White Winds, as well as on my friend TimeGuardian's latest story, excoriating me for putting my movie-verse story in the TV-verse section using the World filter. I think I know who it is: someone who has very recently returned to the fandom after several years away, and … Continue reading The World filter – someone doesn’t like it

Thin skins, foul mouths, and big heads

Consider this a rant.   For every polite, talented, eager to learn teenaged writer, there are at least three who have thin skins, foul mouths, and big heads. TracyLOVER is a fine example of this latter category. She finally got back to Hobbeth (I wondered what took her so long) after that worthy took her … Continue reading Thin skins, foul mouths, and big heads

I like Walmart!

Hubby gave me permission to buy myself some new clothes as a lot of my old ones are just hanging on me. The shorts I wore yesterday kept wanting to slip down and off. So I went to Walmart today with the hopes of buying some new button-and-fly jeans.   Well, I got two pairs … Continue reading I like Walmart!

I hope I can recover my brain here.

Had my brainstorming session with the gals; it was okay. Created a new timeline for IR:TNP. Posted chapter 35 because C reviewed, then Frankie did. Amanda did, too, but it was a bit of siliness... Don't know what I'm gonna do with that girl!   The Girl's gallery has been updated at last. Hubby is … Continue reading I hope I can recover my brain here.