Writerly Advice

Hey there!
I’m known in the world of fan fiction writing (and on-line original fiction writing as well) as Tikatu. My particular fandom is the 1960s Supermarionation TV show Thunderbirds, and I write both regular story-type fan fiction as well as RP style fan fiction. I have my own RP, and am manager or assistant manager at a number of different Thunderbirds oriented boards.
Enough about me.
The reason I started this space is to help other people with writing, particularly writing fiction; the mechanics of it, the pitfalls to avoid, and a good dollop of sage advice (I hope). I plan on posting lists of general terms and their definitions as well as a list of websites that any writer, novice or experienced, would find helpful as they pursue the “Great American Novel” (or British novel, or French novel, or Canadian novel, or Mexican novel… fill in the blank for yourself).
Since WordPress is replacing Windows Live Groups, I’ve taken the posts from my original “As the Muse Moves” site and put them in pages over in my handy-dandy new blogspace. The dates on them are the dates they were first published, though I’ll likely rearrange them some to make more sense.
I welcome ideas, questions, comments, and criticisms as long as they are thoughtful and polite. Entries with profanity of any kind will be dumped without explanation or warning, and flames will be extinguished with my handy-dandy, superpowered, Megablast XL5 water gun.
Enough about me.
Hope you find this blogspace to be helpful and maybe even a teeny, tiny bit inspiring.

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