It’s been a while…

You'll notice the site has changed a little. It's got a new theme, which it desperately needed, and a new header image that brings it more in line with my site. I may continue to play around with this for a bit, especially the logo, which feels dated and no longer me. If you've … Continue reading It’s been a while…

We like Kickstarters!

Yeah, this isn't writing or fandom related but it's important! Over the past couple of years, Hubby and I have backed a number of different Kickstarters. We backed two collected volumes of a favorite webcomic, Girl Genius, ending up with hardcover versions and a number of cool rewards for our support. Hubby has backed several games, most by … Continue reading We like Kickstarters!

Changing horses mid-stream in NaNoWriMo

What started as an original super-powered rescue squad is now a Thunderbirds fanfiction including a super-powered rescue squad. I'm not giving the Tracy boys super powers; that's been done, if not alwasys done well. The squad won't be all girls as romantic foils to the boys; that's also been done and not well. This will … Continue reading Changing horses mid-stream in NaNoWriMo

The new chapter–and site–are up!

Well, work at my new site is far from finished, but I've decided to declare it open! My Tikatu's Corner site, so long my personal archive, now has a redirect set up to take visitors to the new, build, As My Muse Moves. I think you'll like it! The new chapter for Burning Muses is … Continue reading The new chapter–and site–are up!

I’m writing!

Started a new chapter in Burning Muses, this time about the muse, Terpsichore.  It's been percolating for a while but tonight I managed to get it together in a file. I'm sitting on it overnight before tweaking it and sending it off for beta. Maybe this will jump start my writing again. I hope so; … Continue reading I’m writing!

NaNoWriMo 2013

Yes, it's that time of year again.Yes, I am an ML again. My co-ML had surgery just before the month began, so I'm the one juggling a lot of the meat-space stuff. We had a great turn out for our first write-in and hopefully I'll have notice of the meeting place for our second one … Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2013

Warm fuzzies

I received an email today from a reader who lives in Australia. She wanted to thank me for writing The White Winds and for being an influence on her own writing. She said... ...although you had no idea you were doing it, even just reading your stuff taught me the importance of making sure all … Continue reading Warm fuzzies

Busy building

Yep. I am busy building a new website. My old archive is falling to bits, mostly because I have only a passing acquaintance with HTML and none whatsoever with CSS. It pains me, in a way, to do this.  I felt my original site had some rather interesting features; for example, quite a few people commented … Continue reading Busy building